How to Manage Your Relationship with Your Roommates During the COVID-19 Lockdown

manage roommate relationships during covid-19 lockdown

As states being to open up after the COVID-19 lockdown, many roommates have been learning how to manage their roommate relationships. You’re definitely not used to seeing each other as often as you have been.

Nonetheless, here is how to manage your relationship with your roommates, during a lockdown or not.

Create Boundaries

Create defined boundaries to avoid getting on each other’s nerves during the stay at home order. These boundaries should be respected. This usually means having a conversation and pointing out specific issues you each may have with one another. We’re all adults here.

Be Considerate

There are times you’d love to watch a movie or play loud music. Seek your roommate’s consent before doing that as they may find it annoying and bothersome, especially if they’ve got schoolwork or a meeting with coworkers. Try not to distract them.

Contribute Your Quota

Despite the lockdown, rents need to be paid. Make sure you come up with your own part of the payment. If it isn’t possible, tell your roommate. Make them understand why you can’t add your quota. Also, get in touch with the landlord to talk things out. If you don’t, your roommates can get into trouble for the wrong you committed.

You may be using more utilities than you were before the lockdown. This will lead to higher bills and maybe a source of conflict. To avoid this, share the bills as they come after determining who uses what most (which can be difficult). This equally applies to food and household supplies.

Find Common Ground

Due to the prolonged lockdown, I’m sure you’ve either built up build a better relationship with your roommates or made it worse. Any shared interest you discovered will become a positive to the relationship (especially if they were a random roommate). However, if you can’t find a shared interest (which is almost impossible), just be friendly. Don’t hesitate to learn more and find that common ground.

Keep Your Environment Clean

Don’t be a pig. Yes, you read that right! Keep your environment clean constantly (if this wasn’t a given, it is now). Even if you do not want to clean your own space, try as much as possible to keep the shared areas clean. Clean the bathroom, wash your plates, and do not disorganize things. It is your responsibility as well as theirs to keep your environment tidy.

This is true in any roommate situation. Cleanliness is important in sharing a space with other people. Keep that in mind.

Say What’s on Your Mind

If your roommates get on your nerves, tell them about it. The longer you put off telling them what’s eating you up, the harder it will be to get along with them. Resentment will build up and you’ll eventually lash out at the slightest wrong. Find out the best way to express your grievances without being disrespectful. You have to be firm and clear about your stand.

Living with roommates was already a huge task even before the lockdown. The COVID-19 lockdown has made it even more difficult. You get to notice all the things you didn’t notice before. Therefore, to avoid getting irritated, set boundaries, and respect each other. Pay your bills in time and work towards being more accommodating. Do your share of the chores and mind your business.

Practice these and you’ll have a great relationship with your roommates during the COVID-19 lockdown and beyond!

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