How to Plan Your Furniture Situation with Your Roommates

how to plan your apartment furniture decorating with roommates

The hustle and bustle of moving from place to place is exhausting. The stress induced by lugging heavy furniture around is an all-around terrible experience. The worst part of moving is that you often have to find a place to put your stuff before deciding on where it will go in your new home.

New roommates will have furniture as well. Sometimes it’s heavy, gaudy or even smelly. What’s even worse is when they don’t have furniture! The conversation of “who buys what furniture” for the home is daunting, but you’ll face it at least once in your life.

Those who live in co-living homes, however, don’t have to struggle with any of these problems! They can say “good riddance” to moving furniture for good–or at least until they live somewhere other than a co-living home.

Co-Living = Pre-furnished

Co-living homes are already furnished. They include furniture for the common spaces, like the living room and dining room, saving you and your roommates a ton of time deciding between your chaise and their loveseat. Furniture is also available for bedrooms upon request.

Instead of worrying about trying to determine who buys the couch and coffee table, roommates in co-living homes can simply get to know one another. They can also get to know one another when decorating the home.

One way to do this is through decorating the home. Because basic furniture is already included, roommates can discuss other items they may want to spruce the place up, and make it their own. A way to discuss your furniture situation with your roommates could be through organized activities.

Organize a group outing to a thrift shop. See who can find the coolest, most unique item in the store. This is a great way to get to know your roommates, and it could also lead to an artistic and expressive home.

Through this, everyone’s styles will be fused together. Thrift shops have many quirky items at discounted rates, such as throw pillows, lamps, paintings, and more. Another great thing about this trip is that all the roommates will be there to help move the furniture you do end up purchasing.

Get Creative

Another idea for deciding on a furniture situation with roommates is utilizing you and your roommates’ skills. If someone is into woodworking and another is a great painter, perhaps they could collaborate to make a beautiful bookshelf. You could even host a craft night where you make murals to hang around the house. Get creative with how you decorate the home. It should be a group effort, since you are all sharing the space together!

Outside of the shared space furniture, be sure to sit down and make a list of what everyone really wants and needs in the home. There could be repeats, which is great, because then some roommates can split the cost of things they most want – plants, kitchen utensils, throw pillows, etc.

When you’ve exhausted the low-budget options of decorating the home, consider a group trip to IKEA or another furniture store. With your predetermined lists, you and your roommates will be able to effortlessly find each product that you are looking for. And again, the move will be much easier with all of you there!

The roommates of co-living homes can also discuss the furniture they already have, and decide what would be most beneficial to the home. Perhaps someone has a bookshelf they don’t want in their room that would look great in the living room.

Finally, make the effort to make the living room and dining room homely. Everyone should have a say in how the co-living spaces look. Make sure everyone wants to sit at the dining table or have friends over. The people in your co-living home will be more open to getting to know each other if they can sit around a family style table. This is also a good time to point out that a great co-living home is only as good as the communication that takes place inside it.

When you run into problems with each other, it’s important to have open communication channels. Don’t play the blame game, keep it open and honest. I digress.


These are the best ways to plan the furniture situation with your roommates in a co-living home. Even though very little furniture is necessary, decorating the home can lead to a lot of great activities and quality roommate bonding moments. The more at home everyone feels, the more at peace they will be with each other.

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