Breaking the Preconceived Notions of Co-living

It seems like everyone in the world has a horrible roommate story. People have stories of roommates who never did their dishes, stayed up till late hours of the night, and ate all their food. These stories put people off from living with others. People stay in extra small apartments and pay double the price,Continue reading “Breaking the Preconceived Notions of Co-living”

History of the Co-living Movement

Co-living has undoubtedly evolved over the years, but it has always had the same ethos at heart. It has gone from being a family-centric movement to one that is typically enjoyed by young professionals in cities and countries around the world. At its heart is and always will be community!

Socially Distant Activities to do With Roommates

The days of social distancing are still very much here – if you’ve recently moved into a co-living home, what do you do? To keep everyone safe, you should stick to socially distant activities while the Coronavirus pandemic continues. If you’re looking for some inspiration, we have some ideas right here!