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how to handle covid19 crisis as a landlord

How to Handle Dealing with Tenants Who Can’t Pay Rent During the COVID-19 Crisis

In this post, I’m going to take the POV of a landlord. It’s important to hear from both sides – tenants and landlords – of the real estate marketplace when understanding the trajectory of the industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. It has affected our way of life, economy, andContinue reading “How to Handle Dealing with Tenants Who Can’t Pay Rent During the COVID-19 Crisis”

co-living - better than micro-living?

Micro-Living vs. Co-Living: Which is the Better Option?

The rise in the cost of living has introduced unique forms of living. People are avoiding ordinary studio apartments, and trying to live in different ways due to ever-evolving economic and social changes. Some follow the approach of micro-living. Micro-living is essentially homes or apartments that are smaller than a normal apartment (relative to theContinue reading “Micro-Living vs. Co-Living: Which is the Better Option?”


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